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Team Reeve Boston Marathon Training

Last post 09-29-2009, 10:46 AM by hazeleyes1. 33 replies.
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  •  01-26-2009, 8:15 PM 41636

    Team Reeve Boston Marathon Training

    I am beginning week 7 of my training plan. With the sub-zero temperatures on Sunday morning, I decided to wait until the middle of the day for a training run. By then the temperatures were a relatively balmy 20 degrees F.  I headed out with a friend of mine and 2 of his kids through the pastoral setting of  Colchester and Lebanon Connecticut for a hilly 11+ mile run.  After I finished, I took my 2 children ice skating.

    Although I have been running continuously since 2002, my "official training" for the Boston Marathon began on December 15.  Here are my stats for running since Dec. 15:

    Runs: 35
    Average Time Per Run: 00:48:31
    Total Time: 27:29:43
    Average Pace: 8:07 min/mi.
    Average Distance Per Run: 6.0 mi.
    Total Distance: 203.0 mi.
    Total Calories Burned: 25,816
    Pounds not gained: 7.4
    (assuming I did not run and ate the same amount)

    I am cautiously optimistic about my training, and surprised by how good I am feeling so far!
    I can only think it is because this time my running has a purpose beyond my own well being, and I have the chance to improve the lives of others....  This thought is the motivation to be up at 5:30 on a weekend morning and head out in the frosty weather knowing from experience that there are no shortcuts in training for a marathon.

    Please see my fund raising page and consider a donation...
  •  01-29-2009, 6:20 PM 42235 in reply to 41636

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Beginning Week 7 of training

       See training log

    What do you do when the weather doesn't cooperate?

    We have had some really icy weather here that made my usual training run at lunchtime impossible to do.  I was able to run 9 loops around the local high school tonight for a little over 5 miles.  The area is lit, and the parking lot was treated with sand and salt, but still a little bit icy.
    I also have a pair of running shoes with metal studs on the bottom that are great for these kind of conditions.

    The picture at the right shows my tracks as recorded by my wrist GPS (however, the ground is not green as in the photo, but completely covered in more than a foot of snow!)

    This weekend, my training plan has me running 8 miles at my estimated marathon pace on Saturday, and 16 miles at a slower pace on Sunday.  I will probably squeeze in a short training run tomorrow (Friday).

    I have officially begun my fundraising, by sending out my first emails to about 60 friends and family members.  Thanks very much for the donations so far.
    My Fundraising Page

  •  01-30-2009, 6:04 PM 42380 in reply to 41636

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Beginning Week 7 of training

    I am checking into information on Team Reeve. Did you do your fundraising site or did soemone here help you? My brother has run in two marathons in the past. He is considering the Chicago marathon but we are clueless with the fundraising. forgive me if this info is on this site soemwhere already I haven't had time to get too deep into this yet.
    I just came back from yesterday.
  •  01-30-2009, 6:23 PM 42383 in reply to 42380

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Beginning Week 7 of training

    I think the first step is to fill out an application on line at http://www.christopherreeve.org/site/c.ddJFKRNoFiG/b.4426973/k.9A04/Join_Team_Reeve.htm

    I have been posting some info here about my training etc.  I think if you fill out an application, someone from the foundation will contact you.


  •  01-31-2009, 8:38 AM 42418 in reply to 41636

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon

    Headed out for another frosty training run at 7 a.m. this morning.  The hills were a little bit of an annoyance today.  It was a really bright morning but cold with temps in the lower teens F. Added another 8.1 miles to the training.  On previous marathons I have done most of the longer runs on a local rail trail.  It is much flatter, and easier on the knees.  It is impossible to find a flat run on the roads here-- so I keep telling myself that this will all help when I hit the Newton Hills in the Boston Marathon.

  •  02-01-2009, 9:32 AM 42474 in reply to 42418

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon

    I managed to finish out the week (Sunday is the end of the week on my training plan) with a 17.5 mile run.  I was only intending to do 16 miles, but I made a wrong turn and ended up with more.  This is the first week that I have broken the 40-mile mark.  I ran two loops, so that I would return to my car.  I like to do this on a long run because I can re-fuel (eat some energy gels) and drink some sports drink).  Sometimes I like to stop to change some damp clothes in this weather.  It is amazing how much better you feel if you put on a couple of dry shirts for the 2nd part of the run.  I ran with another runner for the first 10 miles, which was very helpful. The weather started out cold in the teens, but by the time I finished almost 2.5 hours later, the temperature was actually above freezing.  Some of the back roads I was on are still very icy from the last storm.  I came across a person in a car that had slid off of the road into the woods.  I was ready to help, but she was ok, and was talking with someone on her cell phone to come and get her out.

    Anyway, this was another very hilly run.  As I mentioned before, the trails I have trained on for other marathons are covered with about a foot of snow.  According to the Digital Elevation Model that I superimposed my GPS data tracks on,  I had climbed a total of 1,319 feet over the course of the run.

    I am beginning week 8 of my training plan, which is very similar to what I did during the past week.

    see my fundraising page

  •  02-03-2009, 6:24 PM 42848 in reply to 41636

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Training

    Want to run a marathon?

    The PBS series NOVA ran a show in 2007 titled "Marathon Challenge."  This was a really interesting episode that chronicled the experiences of new runners training for the Boston Marathon in 2007. You can watch this show online for free in short segments, or I think it can be downloaded from iTunes. 
    Another movie that came out last year was "Spirit of the Marathon." This movie follows a group of runners, from novice to elite, as they prepare for and run the Chicago Marathon.  I think anyone considering their first marathon, or running a marathon for a charity fundraiser can really be inspired by these two programs.

    Beginning Week 8 of Training, and Week 2 of Fundraising

    Started off the week yesterday by resting, with no running to recover from the Sunday long run.  Today, we were having a snowstorm, but I managed to get out during lunchtime for about 40 minutes.  The route took me along the Connecticut River (frozen like a glacier right now) and over two of its bridges for a total of 5.2 miles.  I am supposed to be running the Tuesday run at a tempo pace, which for me is about 7:10 min/mile.  It was pretty difficult to maintain that pace because sidewalks are still icy, and there are stairs to climb at a couple of points during the run.  I was only able to hold that pace toward the end of the run today when I got onto some open road.  The purpose of the tempo run is to raise your lactate threshold.  The lactate threshold is the pace at which your body's ability to buffer lactic acid is surpassed by lactic-acid production, and you fatigue. The lactate threshold turns out to be one of the best predictors of race times for endurance events of 30 minutes or more.

    I have been trying to do 2 of these runs each week.  In the past, I have usually done one run on the track, and another one on the roads or trails.  It has been difficult to do these runs in the winter with the road and sidewalk conditions and snow cover.  I have done most of them by running a 0.6 mile loop around the high school in the evenings.

    Here is today's run by pace for each half mile.  I didn't really get to my LT pace until the end of the run. The second graph shows my tempo run for Jan. 27--  this is more how I would like to run these.
    I have found that since I began doing these runs a couple of years ago my race times have all improved.

  •  02-07-2009, 10:20 AM 43259 in reply to 42848

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Training

      Saturday February 7...
    Frosty Early Morning Run

    Met up with with some running friends (Rick, Rich, Rob, and Carl) this morning at 7 a.m. for a 10+ mile run.  It is very helpful to commit to running with several people, because it gets you out of bed on a cold morning.  The company is also extremely helpful.  This was the coldest morning that I have run so far in this training plan.  It was 3 degrees F, but no wind, so we were pretty comfortable once we warmed up with our first hill.  Everyone was commenting during the run on how I had developed these ice crystals growing from my eyelashes.  The neck warmer I was wearing froze as solid as a piece of wood.  We all ran a pretty easy pace, and finished up the run with a fast downhill last mile. I am jumping ahead a couple weeks in my training plan and running 19 miles tomorrow.  I have a couple of busy weekends coming up in the end of February, and I am worried I will miss my first 20-miler.  I plan to do a long run of 20 miles next weekend.

  •  02-08-2009, 9:23 AM 43313 in reply to 43259

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Training

    Long Run to Finish Out the Week

    Got out at 7 this morning by myself for a long run.  The progressive build up of weekly long-run distances is very important in marathon training.  The hills around here are starting to take their toll on me, and I am pretty sore after completing the 19 mile run.  The tracks from my Garmin Forerunner 305 show that I climbed a total of about 1,600 vertical feet during the run. The big plus today was that we finally had a break in the cold weather and temperatures had reached nearly 50 degrees by the time I finished.  It was so warm in fact, that I had to stop in at home during the run and change into shorts.

    Here are the stats for training since Dec. 15th when I started training for this Boston Marathon

    Number of runs:                  45
    Total Time:                         38 hrs 36 min.
    Total Distance                  284.6 miles
    Average Pace:                      8:08 min/mile
    Total Calories Burned: 36,175

    see complete training log
    and fundraising page

  •  02-08-2009, 9:49 AM 43315 in reply to 43313

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Training

    Letter Added to My Fundraising Site

    My friend Greg Hughes asked me to incorporate this letter into my fundraising web site. This is written by him-

    "I am really excited about the recent developments related to the cure for spinal cord injuries. The Christopher and Dana Reeve foundation has been actively involved in bringing about a cure for a condition that affects many people. It is extremely difficult to live with such a disability and very expensive. Reaching a cure would substantially improve the lives of people with disabilities."

    "I have been disabled since 1982 and would very much like to see an improvement in my condition. The day to day care is very difficult for me. It is time consuming and expensive. I am lucky to have the resources to afford good quality care that keeps me healthy. Many people are not as fortunate. As soon as possible, we need to improve the lives of people who have been living with paralysis and minimize the effects on the newly injured."

    "Fortunately, we are making progress. Researchers around the world are working hard and sharing their results with one another to reach a cure. We need your financial support to continue their efforts. John and I have been friends since 1985. John has agreed to run on my behalf and help us reach a cure. Please be a generous as you can. Your support is very much appreciated."

  •  02-11-2009, 5:46 PM 43632 in reply to 43315

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Training

    Boston Marathon Course - There is a great mile by mile guide to the Boston Marathon at http://www.boston.com/sports/marathon/course/map/
    You can also view a 4.5 minute video that cruises through the whole course.

    Training this Week

    I'm in the 9th week of my training plan, but I am a little off of the schedule.  I jumped ahead last week on the mileage of the Sunday long run.  This week I skipped running on Monday, and managed to get in a day of downhill skiing in the Berkshires.  I was a little bit unsure about skiing on Monday because I had run 19 miles the day before.  But surprisingly, all of the hill running has been paying off, because my upper leg muscles felt very strong while skiing all day. 

    This weekend, I am planning on attempting to run 9-10 miles on Saturday and 20 miles on Sunday.  I re-arranged the training schedule a little bit so I can run in the Polar Bear Run around Lake Waramaug on Feb. 22, and I may be skipping my long run altogether on the weekend of Feb. 28.

  •  02-15-2009, 9:25 AM 43896 in reply to 43632

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Training

    First 20-Mile Run is Done

    I was up early for a nice but cold morning to attempt 20 miles.  I had sent an email to my running group last night to see if I could get someone to run with me for part of the time.  There were no takers this time, so I loaded up the iPod with lots of podcasts and music and headed out.  Once again, there was no way to avoid the hills around here.  I began the run from a local commuter lot and did a first loop of just under 14 miles.  I returned to my car and refilled my water bottles on my belt, and ate some Clif-Shot Blocks.  I also put on a dry hat and gloves.  I headed out feeling pretty sore, and up another large hill for another 6-miles, using an out and back route on the same road. When I got to the turn around point, I found that I still had some energy left, so I decided to pick up the pace.  I finished on a long downhill, and I looked at my GPS watch that indicated I was running under a 7 minute per mile pace for a short period of time.


    Note: that "workouts for all time" is my total since beginning training for this race...

  •  02-17-2009, 6:36 PM 44225 in reply to 43896

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Training

    Back on Track

    Most of the snow has melted around here due to the warm up last week.  I was able to run on the high school track for the first time since around Christmas.  I ran a tempo workout on the track tonight while I dropped my son off for one of his activities. It was very nice running on the squishy rubber surface instead of the salty roads for a change.  I ran the 5 miles at about a 7 min. per mile pace.  I am hoping I can maintain this pace on Sunday, when I will run a 7.8 mile race. This pace is a least a minute faster per mile than I will attempt to run the Boston Marathon.

    Fundraising has been going pretty well, I have emailed nearly everyone I know, and today I sent out some requests by regular mail. I will be doing some brainstorming to determine how best to complete my fundraising goal.  I am open to any suggestions-- don't be afraid to respond to a post.

  •  02-22-2009, 6:01 PM 44883 in reply to 44225

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Training

    Snowy Wet Race

    Got up this morning and headed to the northwestern part of Connecticut to run with my friend Ed in the Polar Bear Run. This was a nice race course around Lake Waramaug.  As we approached the start of the race it began to rain pretty hard. By about the halfway point in the race, the rain turned to heavy wet snow, and the roads began to get slick.  I think this slowed me a little bit for the last two miles.  I finished very wet, and soaked through all layers of my running clothes and shoes.

    The purpose of the race was to test my training so far and to practice in a race setting.   I felt good throughout the race, and finished strong coming in 40th out of 358 people that ran. My pace averaged 7:14 per mile, which was a little slower than I had hoped. (I hope to post a couple race pictures here soon).

    I am heading into the 11th week of training.  I am taking a little bit of a recovery week  for my second week of slightly reduced mileage and deviating from my training plan

    Fundraising has been going along pretty well, and I am almost halfway toward my goal.  Although this has been a lot of effort--both running and fundraising--you can probably guess that I am enjoying this.  It is a very small price to pay for assisting those with spinal cord injuries and disabilities who have had the courage to endure years of daily challenges too difficult for many of us to imagine.  Your donations can make a difference.

    Please visit my http://TeamReeveBoston09.kintera.org/faf/r.asp?t=4&i=294354&u=294354-245018995& and consider a donation. 
    If you would prefer to make a donation by mail, please make out a check to
    Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
    Please include "TRBoston/John Mullaney" on the memo line of the check and send to:

    Leigh Beachem
    Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
    636 Morris Turnpike Suite 3A
    Short Hills, NJ, 07078

  •  02-23-2009, 2:58 PM 45124 in reply to 44883

    Re: Team Reeve Boston Marathon Training

    Polar Bear Race Photo
    The race photographer got some pictures of everyone just before the finish.
    Here is my photo.  Links to Jack McCoy photography.

    My friend Beth took the one below

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