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Hero Inside: Road Trip

Last post 10-12-2009, 6:14 PM by iantyson. 17 replies.
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  •  05-28-2009, 11:03 AM 55943

    Hero Inside: Road Trip

    Ian Tyson works as a high school motivational speaker and this fall he is driving across Canada to share his message and raise money for the Reeve Foundation. But that is not all we are getting! Along the way, Ian will be blogging and posting videos from his travels!

    He is calling it, “Hero Inside: Road Trip," going from St. John’s Newfoundland to Victoria British Columbia, visiting 28 schools in 28 days. He is speaking in every province (averaging 2 schools a day), and in some cases multiple days in the same province.

    You can tell by the photo that Ian is a Superman fan and, even more so, a Christopher Reeve fan. He is hoping to raise $20,000 for the Foundation during this trip. You can help out by going to his fundraising page and making a contribution.

    Watch this space for more from Ian throughout the summer. The tour starts September 10th.


    Rob Gerth
    Director Digital Media
    Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation
    (800) 225-0292 ext. 7123
    "Nothing good is a miracle, nothing lovely is a dream."

    Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/reevefoundation
  •  05-31-2009, 6:46 PM 56261 in reply to 55943

    Re: Hero Inside: Road Trip

    This week we are coming up on 100 days until my "Hero Inside: Road Trip" starts, and I could not be more excited!

    For those unaware of who I am and what I do, my "Hero Inside" presentation is a comedy based motivational presentation. I have been a speaker for 20 years. Being a special "anniversary year" for me I wanted to do something unique to celebrate. So, I guess you could say that this tour may have some selfish roots, but it quickly changed focus. It was a similar scenario to how I became involved with CDRF... I was already working as a speaker, talking about finding personal motivation and overcoming obstacles. One of the people I cited as an inspiration was Christopher Reeve, so I was already talking about him. Once the "Go Forward" tags came out I worked for a while to establish a relationship with the foundation and now I proudly sell tags at every show (we are in the 4000 sold range over the past 3 years).

    So, when looking back at my speaking schedule for fall 2008  I realized I had been in every province in Canada between September and November, something I had never done before. I had always wanted to drive across Canada; so, in looking towards the 20th anniversary I thought doing a driving speaking tour of the country would be interesting. As the idea took shape, I realized that if I picked up some sponsors to cover the expenses, I could donate that money from the schools to CDRF... I'm doing it anyway - so why not raise a pile of money while I'm at it!!

    We are deep into preparations, filling in the last few of the 28 schools I will visit, and trying to secure sponsors. I have set up a donation page on the Team Reeve All-Stars site and hope to raise some additional funds through that.

    I am setting up a special page for the tour on my website at www.iantyson.ca, be sure to get details, video blog and a link back here on that site. I will keep everyone updated as a frequently as I can, and will blog daily once the tour starts.

    Go Foward,

  •  06-29-2009, 10:30 AM 59827 in reply to 56261

    Hero Inside: Road Trip - The Stage is Set!!

    Well, it's almost the end of June... schools are out and there are a scant few teachers lurking about the hallways of their institutions, but thankfully - it seems that I have been able to lock down a nice tight schedule for the the tour! The schedule is set and we are ready to go in just a couple of months. Here's how it looks:

    SEPT 8th: (first day of school in most of Canada) I have a standing gig every year at Bishop Reding SS in Milton for the day, it will be my unofficial start of the tour, since we will only be about 20 minutes from the Toronto Airport and will fly out to Newfoundland at the end of the day!
    SEPT 9th: Pick up vehicle and supplies etc,. do some filming around St. John's... hit the road.
    SEPT 10th: First official tour day, making our way around the island to be in Corner Brook, by days end.
    SEPT 11th: Shows at 2-3 schools in Corner Brook, and depart at days end to Port Au Basques for ferry to Nova Scotia overnight.
    SEPT 12-13th: Make our way to Halifax, see my in-laws and rest up.
    SEPT 14th: Schools in Halifax and Pictou NS
    SEPT 15th: School in Summerside PEI, and a quick double back to Amherst NS for the afternoon
    SEPT 16th: Schools in Miramichi and Bathurst New Brunswick
    SEPT 17th: Two schools in Montreal, Quebec
    SEPT 18th: Two Schools in the nation's capital - Ottawa, Ontario
    SEPT 19-20th: Make our way across Northern Ontario from Ottawa to Thunder Bay
    SEPT 21-22: 4 schools in Thunder Bay, ON, where I did my last year of University - love it there!
    SEPT 23rd: A school just north of Winnipeg and then south to Killarney, Manitoba
    SEPT 24th: Schools in Weyburn and Balgonie Saskatchewan
    SEPT 25th: Schools in Medicine Hat and Duchess Alberta
    SEPT 26-28: a brief respite in Calgary, Alberta.
    SEPT 29 - OCT 3: The Canadian Student Leadership Conference in Olds, Alberta
    OCT 4th: One part of the drive I am really looking forward to - driving through the mountains (and 2 national parks) to the Salmon Arm area of BC
    OCT 5th: School in Chase BC (and possibly one in Salmon Arm)
    OCT 6th: Schools in Langley and Surrey BC
    OCT 7th: Schools in Nanaimo and Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC... and we're done!!

    It will be a thrilling 8000 km's, seeing lots of faces, sharing a positive message and hopefully raising lots of money for the Reeve Foundation!! The tour page is up and ready on my website at www.iantyson.ca, the special page includes my video blog, a direct link to this blog, and to my donation page at Team Reeve All Stars.

    I also want to welcome my first (of hopefully more) corporate sponsors to come on board for the tour: Isagenix (supplying supplements, vitamins and dietary products) and my old dear friends at The University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota "America's Leadership University". I have done many leadership programs with them over the years and they have come on board as a sponsor to help cover some of the tour costs - Welcome!!

    More news to follow - including the tour shirt pre-sale which I will be offering shortly... 100% of the money will go the the Reeve Foundation. SNEAK PEEK - I have posted a mock up of what the tour shirt will look like!!

    Be a HERO!

    Ian Tyson
  •  08-04-2009, 8:12 AM 63576 in reply to 59827

    Even Motivators Need Motivating

    Well, we are just over a month out from the start of the tour, and a million things are running through my mind everyday. I'm going over things again and again making sure I am taking every eventuality into account. One of the things I know I'm going to need... music. I love music, of all kinds, and I am one of those type of people for whom music can have a profound effect. Anyone who has seen my shows knows that I use music as a mechanism for humor and to define moments. For those who listen to a lot of music, it's a backdrop and soundtrack to our lives. All of us have some experience attached to songs, and when you hear that certain song, the moment comes back to you, as though it just happened. For me at least, music can do something else; it can motivate.

    Maybe it's an odd thing for someone who makes their living motivating others to need motivation, but we all need a kick in the pants sometimes. I have my down days as much as the next person, and I always try and pull myself out of it on my own, but sometimes you need help. I suppose I should clarify with my own definitions of a couple of things. For me, in the context of what I do for a living, I think that motivation is the ability to drive someone to action, Inspiration is something deeper, something that stirs within you and may alter the way you think about something. When I do shows, I hope to inspire and I strive to motivate. I think that given the right situation you can motivate a group and inspire an individual. If motivation is like a B12 shot, then inspiration is waking up after hibernation. So, especially when I'm on the road for a long haul, I need motivation to keep my spirits up and my eyes open.

    Over the past several months, I have been constantly tinkering with an iPod mix I call my "Motivational Mix" which I plan to use when I need it on the Road Trip. It's a weird and eclectic mix; it has songs that I use from my show, songs that have motivational meaning or lyrics, and songs that just have the right kind of beat to keep my head bobbing along. For example: it has everything from "Stronger" by Kanye West, to "Hero's Welcome" from Disney's Hercules, from the "Superman Theme" song by John Williiams, to the mother of all motivational tunes - "Don't Stop Believin'"by Journey! There are songs from such wide ranging artists as Jay-Z, Linkin Park, Black Eyed Peas, Bruce Springsteen, U2, INXS, Moby, Phil Collins, Prince, Billy Joel, Interpol, Beastie Boys, Janet Jackson, Great Big Sea, Depeche Mode, MGMT, The Ting Tings and many, many more.

    It's a little all over the place, but it serves it's purpose. Everytime I plug in my iPhone in the car and throw this mix on, it's transformative. I can just put it on shuffle and let it go. The time seems to pass quickly, I stay awake and feel energetic, it helps me stay positive and I laugh out loud at the random mixture of artists and genres. It's an essential tool for an undertaking like this, and it will help to frame the trip, though I'm not saying it's not unusual or unique. You see images all the time of atheletes and performers with the buds in their ears using music as a way to relax and prepare for the task ahead, again - for me, it's an essential tool. It's my motivaton. My question is... what would be on your playlist?

    For my inpsiration on the other hand...there is of course my family, they inpsire me everyday. But really, I need to look no further than the namesakes of The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, the people that work there, and the people they help. That is the stuff of inspiration, and that is something that I will carry with me every moment of this speaking tour. I am grateful for my ability to do this tour, and to make a living trying to both motivate and inspire others, the least I can do is to use this opportunity to raise some money to help those in need. They all inspire me with their strength of will and their spirit that makes them Go Forward everyday.

    The countdown is on... talk to you soon.

    Ian Tyson
  •  08-19-2009, 8:18 AM 64442 in reply to 63576

    Letting Go and Remembering Why...

    Well, we're now less than 3 weeks out and the anticipation is killing me!! I have reached a tipping point with my mind and body that I know all to well, and which will make these next few weeks interesting. I often don't carry stress well, and it's been that way since I was a kid. It tends to manifest itself in physical ways, be they pimples as a teen (and even now), to stomach pains (which no longer happens), headaches, insomnia and on occasion the ever popular canker sores in the mouth - joy. Stress management is an important thing and has always been an uphill battle for me. I am genetically predisposed to heart conditions, so I try to relieve it as best I can, but occasionally I fall off the wagon.

    I am feeling some illness coming on, and I start back to shows this coming week and my wife who knows me all too well, has pointed out that it is more than likely the stress about the tour I'm carrying. She can read me like a book and can see, if not hear, my mind racing. She is so great at relaxing me and reminding why I'm doing things, should my focus begin to stray. A few years back when I was doing a "coming home" type show at my high school alma mater I was a bundle of stress in the days leading up. But the stress was about the film crew I had hired to come out, and the set up of the auditorium and such, she saw that my focus had shifted and brought me right back to earth. "Remember why you're doing this" she said, "Not for a DVD, or the advancement of your career, make sure you do a good show for the kids in that audience, make sure you don't forget why you're there in the first place". Well, that snapped me back like a rubber band, and all I did was focus on the show and making sure I relayed the message I had in the best way possible for those students, and it was great. There were technical issues from the moment I showed up, and few more during the show, all I kept hearing in my head was... "Remember why you're doing this" and it all just rolled off my back.

    In the case of the tour, there are a lot of variables that I am of course running in the ol' noggin; the documentary we're filming and how that may go, covering costs, yada yada yada. These are the things I should think about yes, but not let consume me. When we hit the road in a couple of weeks, my one and only focus needs to be the shows I'm doing and the money I'm trying to raise for the Reeve Foundation - that's all. The rest will take care of itself. I have two nights of hotels left to book on the tour and we will have donated rooms for the whole way, that's a good chunk of change heading to The Reeve Foundation, a good thing... and there are plenty more examples. I need to focus my attention and vent my stresses, so that the energy is where it needs to be. I feel a run coming on for this afternoon, and perhaps some yoga.

    I'm not complaining at all, I'm very lucky to do what I do for a living. And in the these financial times I know that stress management is more important than ever, for everybody. We all need to let go of the small things that stress us out on a daily basis and remember why we do what we do. Focus our energies on the things that bring joy to our lives, our family, our friends, and whatever your calling is, the thing defines who you are. Remember that, remember why, and it all just starts to go away... let it go.

    More to come... 19 days to go!

  •  09-07-2009, 5:36 AM 65194 in reply to 64442

    The Day After Tomorrow...

    Well... it's here! Since the inception of this idea back in January, it's been a lot of work, stress, planning and excitement... but starting tomorrow, I'm hitting the road. 29 schools in 29 days, and raising money for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, in a word - it's going to be epic.

    So, tomorrow we hit the road to Milton, Ontario for a "first day of school" gig at Bishop Reding, a show I do every year. They are the defacto "first school" of the tour, because after the day, we head to the airport and fly out to St. John's when the journey truly begins on Wednesday. My brother in law/cameraman is finally here, we have all the equipment and are pretty much ready to roll. Today it's just about narrowing down what all I'm going to need for a month on the road and packing it, AND keeping it under 50 lbs per bag.

    I know that this may truly be a life altering experience and I am so looking forward to it. Today will also be bittersweet in that I have to leave Leigh and my girls for a month, the longest stretch I've ever been gone for a speaking tour. It's going to be hard, but their support is what has always gotten me through in the past, I know it will again.

    I thank all my sponsors: The University of Mary, Streaming Digital Media dot Com, Isagenix, and the many hotels that have comp'd my rooms for the whole journey (I'll thank them individually as we go). The tour t-shirts are now available for sale at www.iantyson.ca and 100% of the profits are going straight to the Reeve Foundation. My donation site through Team Reeve is also linked on my website, where I'm hoping to raise $1 for every one of the 8000 km's I'm driving.

    OK - lots to do, mind is racing. Daily Blogs start tomorrow (Video Blogs as well)... stay tuned.

    It's time to Go Forward!

  •  09-08-2009, 9:00 PM 65274 in reply to 65194

    Day 0: The Journey Begins...

    Well, it finally started. After planning since January, we're underway.

    Had a great (if odd) day at Bishop Reding in Milton, my standing booking for the first day of school. We had two fire alarms, one at the half way point of my show, but it all worked out. The kids have such a great energy at that school and I love going there. I mean, I literally picked up the show from the halfway point 3 hours later, and they didn't miss a beat.

    After wards, it was off to the Toronto Airport and our flight to St. John's. So it's now pushing 1AM and it's time for sleep, lots of running around, gathering of supplies and acclamation in store. I'm going to get a video blog out tomorrow.

    I am just so glad that we're finally here... it's time to get it rolling!!

  •  09-10-2009, 4:11 AM 65360 in reply to 65274

    Day 2: Gentlemen, start your engines....

    I plan on writing something more substantial this evening when we get in, but I'm up before my alarm and ready to get underway. Today, we really put tire to pavement and get the first 700 km's behind us: St. John's to Corner Brook. This promises to be a spectacular drive.

    After running around a bit, getting the car, and loading up on supplies yesterday, we went to Cape Spear, literally the outside edge of North America. Now, I have already tweeted and posted on Fcebook about it so I won't go over it all again but sufficed to say - it was absolutely breathtaking. You truly feel as though you are on the edge of the world. I was taken aback by the beauty of the place and also had this moment of realization about what I was about to embark on. To think that 8000 km's west, there was another ocean waiting for me and all that will occur in the moments in between. I could not be more excited... and today it starts for real.

    I feel odd to have written much of anything thus far, since we really haven't hit the road yet - that all changes today. And the pace of things will change tomorrow as well, as we start to get into the flow of "shows days" on the road. Rob and I will need to find our pace and get into the rhythm of the whole thing. From the easiest and most efficient ways to load and unload the car, to finding a way to have personal space and time when in such close quarters to one another for such a long time. I'm sure by Victoria we will a shorthand of some kind, where just a look will mean a great deal.

    Well, shower time and off to the races... more later!

  •  09-10-2009, 6:36 PM 65418 in reply to 65360

    Day 2 Continued: Is this the way to Mordor...?

    OK what a drive!! I have seen the west part of the island before, but not the other 3/4 of it - such incredible landscape!

    Let me preface this next part by saying to those of you who don't know... I'm a major nerd... but it was like driving through the Lord of the Rings today. There was hilly areas that were reminiscent of the Shire, boulder pocked fields like the Kingdom of Rohan, forests like Fanghorn, rolling hills, mountains, lakes and river that could have been pulled from Gondor - it was very cool. I kept thinking I'd see a group of Hobbit's come over the next ridge.

    What I'm trying to say is that it was spectacular and I was glad we had a nice to to drive it. 700 km's behind us, and the first 2 official shows are tomorrow... this is where it all begins. I am in desperate need of shave and hair trim, then we suit up and hit the ferry tomorrow night. May not be able to blog until I get to Nova Scotia. Shot a video blog last night, but it's not up yet - should be soon.

    Only the beginning.... so much more to come that I can't even imagine.

    Trying to figure out how to save my maps as a JPEG from Google so that I can show you the routes... I'll figure it out.

    More soon,

  •  09-13-2009, 5:40 AM 65504 in reply to 65418

    Day 3 & 4... Boats and rest stops

    Had an unbelievable first day of shows in Corner Brook! The energy in the room was insane and  I fed off of it the whole time, two phenomenal shows! It was a heck of a way to start, and it set the tone for me and for my camera man Rob, he got a better sense of what I'll be doing day to day and how the school shows will work, we're finding the rhythm.

    The drive from Corner Brook to Port Au Basques was really amazing... Rob got some great shots. We had one of those moments you can't plan and that you have to take advantage of... driving due south on the TCH, we came out of the mountains and the ocean laid out before us, the sun was almost down and the road was about to turn away from the water as we were about 20 mins from Port Au Basques. There was a bit of an outcropping/cliff overlooking the ocean at the turn, and the was a small gravel patch we could pull into. We did, and went to edge of the cliff and watched the sun go down over the ocean. One of the more beautiful sunsets you will ever see... glad we stopped.

    We left NFLD behind with a sense of awe and satisfaction of a good start. Maybe I was keyed up from the drive and the day, but I slept awful on the 7 hour ferry ride across the Atlantic to Nova Scotia. So, I didn't feel great, but we drove the 4 and half hours into to Halifax, checked into the hotel and napped out for a couple of hours. Then we went out for dinner with some old friends, one of the side benefits of this tour - all the friends I get to see!

    Today is laundry and a visit to my in laws who live out here... 5 provinces in 5 days this week, stay tuned...

  •  09-14-2009, 8:03 AM 65534 in reply to 65504

    Re: Day 3 & 4... Boats and rest stops

    Watch Ian's growing list of video's as his trip progresses!

    (The web guy, not Ian's camera guy.)

    Rob Gerth
    Director Digital Media
    Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation
    (800) 225-0292 ext. 7123
    "Nothing good is a miracle, nothing lovely is a dream."

    Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/reevefoundation
  •  09-15-2009, 3:32 AM 65573 in reply to 65504

    Day 6 Nova Scotia to PEI: The many West Coasts!

    Well, Day 6 brought us to Halifax West High and Northumberland High schools in Nova Scotia. Great schools, great kids I'm hitting my stride. The scenery as always was phenomenal, from there we headed to Summerside PEI (host city of last year's national student leadership conference) so beautiful! We made it in just in time to catch the sunset. I had the pleasure of seeing a PEI sunset last year and it really is something to behold. However I was struck by the fact that here we are driving west across the country and this is our second sunset over the ocean on a "West Coast". I realized that in Canada we are lucky to have mutiple provinces with west coasts on the ocean, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI and I believe New Brunswick all have them - it's weird and very very cool.

    Rob and I had a bit of re-pack on the car last night to make things a little more efficient. We also had a chat about our evenings... I realized how tired I was getting last night, after we had dinner, ran a couple of errands, watched a bit of TV and such, it was after 11 and I hadn't even replied to email yet or written a blog. We're going to be diligent about getting into the rooms and getting things done earlier or I am going to get really worn down really quickly. It's a team effort and we'll try and keep it balanced.

    PEI and a northern Nova Scotia school today and then off to Miramichi New Brusnswick, I've never been - can't wait!

    More to come!!

  •  09-17-2009, 6:45 PM 65708 in reply to 65573

    Day 7 and 8: New Brunswick and Quebec, we hardly knew ya!

    Tired is creeping over me... that's for sure. I need to get a better handle on sleeping at the right times to make sure I have the energy to get through the day. It's not affecting the shows, those are going well, but Rob and I are getting at each other a bit. I suppose I should have expected it, we've been together pretty much 24-7 for 10 days now, it's gonna happen. We are still trying to get a handle on the "when to film and what to film thing" the shows are all being put together nicely, but the non-show documentary stuff is harder to get, we're both so tired by the time we get in the car or back to the hotel. We had a great talk to today and I am confident it's all going to work itself out.

    Had a great couple of days of shows in New Brunswick each with a unique personality and different vibe, but I loved it. Bathurst High was particularly emotional for me. given the tragedy they had a couple of years ago.. the wounds were still raw, but they were a raucous and enthusiastic crowd! Today we visited John Rennie and Mac High in Montreal, great times. My dear friend John O'Donnell at JR was the first person to officially book in the tour after I let him know the plan, it was great to see that gig come to fruition.

    I guess the downside of the way I scheduled the tour is that we're barely seeing some of these places! Less than 24 hours in PEI, NB and QC repectively... it's going so fast! Thank goodness for 2 nights in Ottawa to relax at least a little. I hope to do a video blog tomorrow, I'm thinking alternating is the best way to keep it fresh and not bore you all to tears.

    T-shirts and Dog Tags are selling well and that all means more money for the Reeve Foundation, I hope it keeps going that way.

    It's almost 10, 3 shows tomorrow... gotta sleep. Thanks for all the support!

  •  09-21-2009, 4:15 AM 65806 in reply to 65708

    Days 9-11: Some Rest, The Capital, The Sheild and the Middle

    This won't be long but I'll fill in the blanks on video later today...

    Friday was a crazy and exhausting day, but totally worth it. Three really good shows at three great schools. Ottawa is such a great town, I got to remember why I enjoyed going to university there. We had a nice respite Friday night and saw some friends. Saturday we were able to see my sister who and a friend who were in town for a marathon. Then the past 2 days have been some long drives - we went Ottawa to the Sault and then from there to Thunder Bay yesterday, almost a quarter of the whole trip in 2 days )Ontario is big!!! Along the way the Canadian Shield opened up before us and we crossed the midway point. There are now more miles behind us than in front, nice feeling.

    Now we have a couple of days of shows in Thunder Bay (another university town for me) and then the prairies await... Calgary by Friday!

    We've got some good film and lots of other things I want to share... but I'm off to schools - more later.

  •  09-24-2009, 5:52 AM 65926 in reply to 65806

    "Weze Goin' Prairie!!"

    I apologize that the daily aspect of the blogs has slipped more than little.... the days have been more exhausting than anticipated (though I should have). Had a great two days of shows in Thunder Bay. Rob felt we shot some of our best footage and had some really great schools, the kids were great! Having gone to Lakehead for 4th year, it was nice to get back and see some of the old places and a few old friends. There is nothing like the drive across Northern Ontario, except possibly some of the drives that lay ahead... this country is so beautiful!!

    We went past the Terry Fox Memorial and had a moment of reflection there. Look I am not purporting to be doing anything to spectacular here - I'm driving across the country, and getting to do my job while I'm at it. Terry was running!! 26 miles a day!! and with only one leg. It was weird to realize at that point that every KM I had driven so far, all the scenery, the up and downs, winding roads, all of it - he had run. Sobering... that's a true hero, without a doubt. People like Terry, John Davidson, and of course Rick Hansen (whose foundation does work with The Reeve Foundation) they are the real heroes who have taken this journey or ones like it. It felt great to think of all of them and then face the road ahead.

    So after a lengthy drive to Winnipeg, including a dicey side trip just outside the city when I thought I had run out of gas (always fill up in Kenora!!) we got in late and had a very brief sleep and them got up and did 2 great shows in Manitoba, and then left. I feel like we were hardly there... and it's true. I didn't even really get to go into to Winnipeg, or to see my buddy Philly D or my friend Sarah, which sucks. But the clock is ticking and I needed to get to Alberta for the conference and the other gigs - no way around it.

    After the east side of Manitoba the sheild gave way to the prairies and Rob and I could finally live the line we'd been jokingly saying to each other for months "Weze Goin' Prairie!!" It started when he confirmed he was coming and we were talking about all the places we'd see and he piped up with that line which kind of became our rallying cry and email signature for some time. So now we're here! I'm in Weyburn Saskatchewan, and have shows here and Balgonie today... then it's off to Medicine Hat and a week of no driving!

    This is the trip of a lifetime and I am loving every minute, the shows are rocking and we're getting great footage. Looking forward to sharing with you all!

    More to come...

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